Lille---25-09-09-(2)Born and raised in the 50’s, in London – England, to parents, John Le Mesurier and Hattie Jacques, in the film and TV industry who (for about five minutes) tried to discourage hil from having anything to do with the music business or its peripheries. But Thankfully were totally supportive when they realized it was a complete waste of time.

During the late sixties he fell for “the blues” and spent much of his time learning the craft of players like John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck.

At the age of sixteen he left school, discovered New York and signed his first recording contract with EMI subsidiary Regal Zonophone. The group was called Reign and their first single was written by Keith Relf & Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds.

It will remain there until 1973. It will become a “Womble”. The Wombles are a British novelty pop group, featuring musicians dressed as the characters from children’s TV show The Wombles, which in turn was based on the children’s book series by Elisabeth Beresford.

Robin worked a lot as the session guitarist in England and also in various bands playing up and down the country. In 1976 he signed a publishing agreement with the Billy Gaff/Rod Stewart Compagny, Riva Records, during which time he co-wrote the music for a spoken word record, “The Velvetten Rabbit” narrated by his father John Le Mesurier.

In 1977 he found himself playing guitar for “Air Supply”, on his, and their first tour of the U.S., opening up for Rod Stewart. Afterwhich he was asked to join “Lion” an English band on A&M records lving in California. “Lion” later became “The Difference”, who gained quite a following in Southern California ’till he was asked to join the Rod Stewart group in 1980. There he stayed for seven years, touring and recording.

From ’87 to ’94 he was a sought after session player in Los Angeles and also a staff writer at Sony Music.

In 1994 he was approached by Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey and was asked to write for French icon Johnny Hallyday, and then went on to record Hallyday’s first album sung in English. Robin composes two tracks on this album “Rough Town”, Are the chances gone and Fool for the blues.

When that record was finished Robin became Hallyday’s music director.

1995, he forms with Bernie Taupin and Jim Cregan the group “Farm Dogs”. They record two albums :

  • 1996 – Last Stand in open country
  • 1998 – Immigrant sons

April 2001, Robin produced an album at Ocean Way Studios L.A. for a Swiss client. Players include Reggie Hamilton bass, Tony Brock drums, Tom Canning piano, and The Vine Street Horns.

Robin records and tours with Johnny Hallyday ’till the present. A collaboration of more than 20 years and a beautiful friendship.